Saving valuable business relations

„Business mediation is an outstanding instrument for protecting own entrepreneurial interests,
creating a win-win-situation for everybody involved, and saving valuable business relations for the future“


Mediation is a voluntary out-of-court procedure to settle conflicts;
The mediator is freely selected by the parties, he/she is  fully impartial and neutral and he/she supports the parties to find proper solutions;
Mediation strives for a comprehensive balance of interests between all parties involved and for a long-term future-oriented solution;
Mediation takes place in closed sessions and therefore provides a particularly high degree of confidentiality;
The statute of limitation is interrupted during mediation, which is why the parties´ claims are protected and saved;
The parties are entitled to stop mediation at any time and to start court trial – „they lose nothing, but they can win everything;“


Mediation is much more inexpensive than court trials;
Mediation can often be finalized within a few meetings, which is why it usually lasts much shorter than court trials;
The parties determine the outcome of the mediation and are therefore able to create a real win-win-situation for everybody involved;


I am an officially registered and admitted business attorney at law, which is why I support the parties – if they wish – until the conflict is finally solved by a signed written agreement or by an unappealable court settlement or arbitration award.