Our Clients

Our law office specializes in supporting Austrian and foreign small and medium-size companies, which we advise and represent in all aspects of business law.
Besides that we support Austrian subsidiaries of large international companies with respect to selected issues of business law. We serve clients from all industrial sectors and are not restricted to certain branches of the industry. The successful cooperation with our clients is based upon a specially trustful and personal relation with the top-management of these companies, which we highly appreciate.


„Thank you very much for your outstanding support. We are pleased to recommend you further.“
Karl P., Managing Director
„We thank you for your support. Your ability to explain very complex legal issues with simple words is remarkable.“
Martin H., Entrepreneur
„I highly appreciate your great international experience and expertise.“
Johann D., Managing Director
„Besides your great legal compentence, you also have strong social compentence, which
creates a very comfortable working and cooperation environment.“
Ruth G., Member of Executive Board
„You have a very extraordinary ability to adapt to people from different cultural societies.“
Stefan K., Managing Director
„We are very thanksful for your great support. You have rescued us from a vey difficult situation.“
Astrid B., Entrepreneur
„Many thanks for your quick, competent, and efficient support.“
Sascha K., Managing Director
„Your excellent price-performance relation is very rare on the market.“
Michael D., Member of Executive Board
„Many thanks for the outstanding quality of your service and the very fair fee arrangement.“
Christian M., Managing Director
„Many thanks. I would not have gotten through this difficult phase without your support.“
Tanja F., Private client
„Your commitment and efforts are truly remarkable. I highly appreciate our cooperation.“
Eva H., Managing Director
„I have felt competently advised, well served and efficiently represented by you at all times.“
Andrea P., Entrepreneur